Water level 25.74 ft low
Water Temp: low 60s

Overall the past couple weeks have been a blast. On one trip we had a limit of Largemouth weighing 25lbs and another trip we had 100+ stripers and whites. Several days we had a good mixed bag including some quality smallmouth. The stripers and whites have been in large schools when on the surface and giant schools on the days they stay 20-50ft. A few days they were so thick the graph would get confused on depth. Spoons have been the best bait however we caught fish on multiple lures including Alabama rigs, Ned rigs, tail kickers, jerkbaits, and swimbaits. Past couple weeks I’ve been all over the lake and up both rivers. Fish have been active lake wide... Largemouth are scattered but active also. We caught most largemouth in the grass, shallow, but also dropshot some as deep as 70ft. Caught several mixed with the whites and stripers suspended 20-50ft... Today it’s pouring rain and temps are dropping. Rain is in the forecast all weekend. Next weeks forecast calls for sunshine but chili temps. The deep bite will probably get better... I’ve sold a handful of guide trips as Christmas gifts lately. If you’re interested in a trip let me know..Thanks,, (830)