WATER LEVEL 1,073.41 Feet MSL
Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020
Level is 43.59 feet below full pool of 1,117.00


Typical Fall days are here. Its an occasional North blowing cold front with white caps or a sunny warm calm day in need of sunscreen. Either way its a fun day on the lake. Weve have some good days and some slow days chasing largemouth in the grass. Stripers and whites have been a bit more consistent from schooling on the surface out to 80ft. One of the pictures shows a largemouth with "scuba bends" caught 78ft on the bottom. The Hydrilla is still in good shape. The deepest Ive seen lately is 18ft. As always select grass has the better bass. Majority of fish are on the shad scattered at depths 10-80 ft. Large bait balls are 60-80. The past couple weeks my best has been 6lbs. Last weekend was the Del Rio Border Bass Battle Hourly tournament. It was won with a 6+. The kids division was won with a 7+. Congrats to the winners.. 

Upcoming Amistad tournaments:

Nov 21 - Border Anglers

Nov 28 - Border Anglers Mx

Dec 5 - Tx Fishing League

Best of luck to all.

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