Wednesday, July 1, 2020 2:15:00 PM
Level is 46.20 feet below full pool of 1,117.00
and up .03 feet from yesterday.

Fishing has been good. Fish the grass youll find the bass. Topwater continues to be a blast but several "grass free" baits are working (Karlens Tackle just received a shipment of topwaters for the 4th). Ive caught a few deep recently but they arent consistent. Most are staying in or near the grass. Recent Bass Champs Amistad tournaments were back to back June 20/21 with a 3 fish limit. Saturday to win it took 3 for 21.80 & Sunday it was 3 for 19.43. A couple fish over 9 (almost 10) were caught each day. June 5th the Border Anglers tournament was won with 15.43 for 5. The past couple weeks Thursday night 6pm-9pm tournaments were won with a 7 1/2 and a 8 1/4. Next Border Anglers is July 25th. Texas Fishing leagues first "Fall Series" tournament is August 15.

ALL ski boats, Jet skis, and 1st time boaters - PLEASE think before you tie up to the dock for way to long, make a wake in the dock area, let your kids swim around the dock, or run on plain next to a boat thats already fishing. Common Sense is appreciated by all. BE CAREFUL, COURTEOUS, and have a great July 4th!! Call or text if you need a guide.

(830) 768-3648