WATER LEVEL 1,069.66 Feet MSL
Friday, September 4, 2020
Level is 47.34 feet below full pool of 1,117.00

WATER TEMP: 83-84 degrees

Funsize fish are schooling! Over the past week we caught 30 -100 per day. This morning was overcast and the bite started later than usual but they schooled and we had a blast. Stripers, whites, blacks, and occasional smallmouth are schooling from top to 60ft. Large baitballs can be graphed 20-60ft. Several of the fish we caught had 3 or 4 shad in their throats. Topwaters, cranks, spoons, Ned rigs, and swimbaits, are all working well..

The Hydrilla is in good shape. The deepest Ive seen lately is 14ft. Select grass beds are holding quality largemouth as always. The past week the largest in my boat has been 6lbs with several from 2 - 5lbs. Most were caught on Tx rigs. Some on topwater... The dock talk has been hero or zero but my guess is thats about to change sooner than later. The afternoon rains, clouds, and dropping water temp are welcoming Fall and the Fall bite means quantity and quality. The upcoming tournaments will be interesting. My guess is we will see several large shad stuffed footballs weighed. This past Wednesday mornings weekly big fish tournament was won with a 7+lbr and a recent Thursday night big fish tournament was won with a 8lbr... Most already know but the lake is now open 7 days a week. Lets keep it that way. Common sense social distancing and no trash left on the banks will keep it open - Thank you.

Upcoming Amistad tournaments:

Permian Club tournament - Sept 12-13.
Permian State Open Tournament - Sept 19-20.
Border Anglers - (TBD - October)
Texas Fishing League - October 24 & December 5
Two Guys Marine Tournament - canceled
Del Rio Hourly Border Bass Battle - Nov 14

Best of luck to all.

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